Emerging Market Fund Analysis

Copley Fund Research collate and analyse data on global emerging market equity funds.  Our research is focussed on two areas:

Fund Positioning

Global Emerging Market fund managers invest across a diverse range of countries, sectors and stocks throughout the developing world.  They are uniquely positioned to view emerging markets from a global perspective and construct portfolios to reflect the best investment themes and opportunities available.  We offer a research service that analyses the allocations and ongoing activities of global emerging market fund managers.  By analysing the portfolios of 125 active GEM equity funds we are able to deliver unique insights into how the market is positioned and when convictions and sentiments are changing.  The research is consumed by global emerging market investment professionals and is key to understanding the pulse of the market, as well as understanding where your strategy stands out from the competition. For more information, click here.

Fund Activist & Advisory

We challenge the idea that all GEM funds should be measured and compared on an equal footing.  We estimate that over $10bn in actively run GEM funds are nothing more than closet trackers and a further $50bn are highly aligned to the benchmark index.  In our analysis of 125 Global EM active funds, we find that truly independent, highly active managers outperform benchmark bias managers and passive funds by a significant margin over the long term.  We provide a unique framework for categorising GEM funds based on their active share and correlation to the benchmark index, enabling us to pinpoint exactly how active and independent a GEM fund is.  We offer advice to fund selectors on the GEM funds that are truly independent against those that are charging active fees for an all too passive approach.  For more information, click here