About Us

Copley Fund Research is a boutique independent research company.  We provide our clients with deep insights into market positioning among Global, Emerging, Frontier and US equity funds.  Our research covers over $1.5tr in assets under management and provides in-depth position data on over 10,000 stocks across 120 countries.  Each month we provide commentary on the latest trends in manager positioning across regions, countries, sectors and stocks, giving a unique view into the collective mindset of the world’s foremost equity mangers.


US Equity Funds

145 US Growth & Value Funds

$950bn in combined AUM


Global Equity Funds

170 Global Equity Funds

$235bn in combined AUM


Emerging Market Equity Funds

127 Emerging Market Funds

$255bn in combined AUM


Frontier Market Equity Funds

25 Frontier Market Funds

$5.6bn in combined AUM