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   Wary Global Investors Hold Back on China

Many global investors are missing out on China’s strongest stock-market rally in years, the latest sign that a potential clash with the U.S. over trade and currency policy looms over the world’s most populous nation..  Read more

   Emerging market funds bet big on Russian rebound.

Emerging market fund managers have built up their largest overweight position in Russian equities for at least six years following the election of Donald Trump.  Read more

   The curious case of the emerging market equity fund.

Steve Johnson uncovers the link between state-owned enterprises and outperformance.  Read more

   State Control the ‘worst’ form of company ownership.

EM fund managers can beat index simply by ignoring SOEs.  Read more

   Active Managers earn their corn in EMs.

Genuinely active emerging market fund managers appear to be able to consistently outperform their benchmark, according to research from Copley Fund Research, which tracks 124 funds with assets of $248bn.  Read more

   Fund Managers Shun Chinese Banks, Industrials.

Genuinely active emerging market fund managers are shunning Chinese banks and industrials amid concerns over rising debt burdens and fears of overcapacity in sectors such as oil refining, steel, coal and aluminium.  Read more

  Russia Slides from Technological Superpower to Also-Ran.

Earlier this year, the FT wrote that, as far as emerging market equity investors are concerned, the Brics are dead, and have been replaced by the Ticks  Read more

  China’s ‘Bants’ Set to Rival US’s ‘Fangs’

Fund Managers quadruple holdings of Chinese Internet quartet.  Read more

   The Brics are dead.  Long live the Ticks

Tech-heavy Taiwan, India, Korea and China are the new darlings of the EM world.  Read more

  Risky Business: Cutting a Path Through Emerging Markets Turmoil.

Justin Leverenz and his Oppenheimer Developing Markets fund will be closely watched by investors this year.  Read More

 How Some Emerging-Market Investors Actually Made Money

In a rough year for emerging markets, some of the most treacherous trades are paying off.  Read More

  Emerging Market Equities:  Active vs. Passive

As the recent fallout from the Chinese stock market and the prospect of a U.S. interest rate rise continue to affect global markets, long-term investors might find it increasingly important to consider the case of active vs. passive management with regards to emerging markets investing   Read More

  Sensex Consistently Outperforms MSCI Emerging Market Index

Over a five-year period, the MSCI EM Index is down 21.77%, while Sensex in dollar terms is down by 6.94%… Read More

  Investors Pay a Price for Caution on China

For years, Western portfolio managers have been reluctant to steer much cash into Chinese investments. This year, that caution has taken a toll.  Read more


  China currency turmoil spreads to other emerging markets

Currency turmoil spread across emerging markets this week, following China’s devaluation of the renminbi, with investors panicking that a rise in US interest rates could make it tough for the developing world to repay dollar-denominated debt.  Read more

  Developed market stocks no longer the path to EM growth

Shares listed in emerging markets have delivered lower returns to investors than shares in developed markets over almost any period since the global financial crisis, so it may seem odd that investors would be moving away from developed markets and into emerging ones.  Read more

Mint  Indian equities buck the trend as emerging markets see outflows

Emerging market equity funds experienced their biggest weekly outflows in more than five months in the week ended 11 March.. Read more

  India has more to offer early movers

Fund managers who were among the earliest to tap into India’s stock market rally say its latest budget and rate cut have kept them bullish on the country’s prospects.  Read more

  EM fund managers: genuinely active or closet trackers?

How much bang do fund managers give for their investors’ bucks? It’s a question that has provoked plenty of debate in the FT recently, prompted not least by the“scandalous index cloning epidemic” in which supposedly active managers charge high fees for simply following a benchmark.  Read more

   How to play Putin: fund managers disagree

A fascinating note has arrived in our inbox from Steven Holden of Copley Fund Research, which tracks the investments of 100 big global EM equity funds with about $285bn of assets under management.  Read more

  Think you’re underweight in China? You’re not as underweight as you think

With GDP growth in China slumping to a five-year low, it’s unsurprising that many fund managers have cut their positions in Chinese equities to less than the weighting suggested by the benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets index.  Read more

  EM investors: love Modi, hate Dilma

Enthusiasm over Narendra Modi’s election in India and fears that Dilma Rousseff may be re-elected in Brazil have prompted a sharp reversal in the two countries’ positions among equity fund managers.  Read More